THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW. Chapter 3. The wood between the worlds

Here is a guide to work with CHAPTER 3

Uncle Andrew and his study vanished instantly. Then, for a moment, everything became muddled. The next thing Digory knew…..

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  1. Learn the meaning of the following words:

1)      Muddled — not clear or coherent; confused

2)      If you are contented, you are satisfied with your life or the situation you are in.

3)      as far as the eye can reach — as far as one can see

4)      If you say that someone or something has a particular air, you mean that they give this general impression.

5)      Awe is the feeling of respect and amazement that you have when you are faced with something wonderful and often rather frightening.

6)      If you say that someone has pluck, you mean that they show courage and determination when they are in a difficult or frightening situation.

7)      Sense — a sane and realistic attitude to situations and problems

8)      To gass – (informal) talk excessively about trivial matters

9)      onearth  — же, просто, только, всё-таки  и т.п.(после вопросительных слов и выражений с отрицательным значением)

  • how on earth — каким же образом
  • And in that case there’s no reason on earth why you shouldn’t go back. — Даивэтомслучаетебеабсолютноничтонепомешаетвернуться.
  • What on earth does that mean? — А что, скажите на милость, всё это значит?

10)   There is no hurry. — Это не к спеху.

11)   Oh, bother you (him, her, them) –А ну тебя (его/ее/их)!

12)   Come along! — Пошли

13)   Blast and botheration – чтоб тебя! какая досада!


  1. A. Find examples of using these expressions:


  • Rise (rose/risen) to one’s feet
  • Pant for breath
  • Get smth mixed
  • Change one’s mind
  • In one’s heart of hearts


B. Answerthequestions:

1. What do people usually do after they fall down?

2. How do you feel after being under water?

3. What was the last time you got something mixed?

4. What was the last time you changed your  mind?



III.   “–ward” words

ward(s) [-d(z)] образует прилагательные и наречия со значением направления движения или направленности в какую-л. сторону:

south-westward — в юго-западном направлении

skyward(s) — к небу eastward — на восток, к востоку

shoreward — по направлению к берегу

seaward — направленный к морю, в сторону моря


Find the following “-ward” words in the text:

upwards — вверх

afterwards— впоследствии, позднее, позже, после, потом

towards — к, по направлению к

outward– наружу, за пределы


IV. Change these words into adjectives. What suffix will you use?

Leaf, grass, dream, shadow, dirt


V. Topic words. Write out all words that are used to describe nature and the world around us.

world around us

















Degrees of comparison and comparative structures

Find the following comparisons in the text and translate them:

  • The quietest wood
  • As rich as plumcake
  • The strangest thing
  • As brave as
  • In the least, at least (what‘s the difference between these two?)
  • Less solemn
  • More cheerful
  • Less than …
  • Nastier
  • Worse



  1. Where did Digory find himself? (
  2. Describe the wood (quiet, peaceful, sleepy, birds, insects, animals, wind, pools, in-between)
  3. Where did Digory find Polly? Did they remember what had happened to them?
  4. Why didn’t they get back at the first try?
  5. What did Digory want to do before they get back?
  6. What did they do before going to new worlds?
  7. Uncle Andrew had the wrong idea about the rings, didn’t he? Which ring did actually have the power of taking you into a world? And which one would draw you into the wood?


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