Артикли с существительным town

Существительное town используется без артикля, если по значению оно противопоставляется слову country – деревня, загородная местность или обозначает «бизнес-центр, деловая часть города», например to be in town, to go to town, to live in town, to come back (to return) to town, to stay in town, to leave town, to be out of town, etc:

She was sitting on the porch waiting for her husband to come from town.

Next day I went back to town.

I was surprised that they were going to stay in town all summer.

В остальных случаях используются определенный или

неопределенный артикли:

The town was decorated with flags for the Prime Minister’s visit.

It was a small town in Shropshire.

Note.Существительное country как антоним к town употребляется

с определенным артиклем (to go to the country, to be in the country, to come from the country, etc.):

It is pleasant to spend the summer in the country.

He intends to go down to the country for the week-end.


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