My Hobby is Cross-stitching. Topic

Here are what different people say about  cross-stitching. Read and pick out useful expressions to speak about your hobby.


“I began cross stitching when I was a child, as my mom and I made Christmas ornaments called Crismonds. Since then I have worked on various small projects, but just within the last few years started work on larger projects with much more detailed stitches. Although it takes lots of time and can be quite frustrating when you make a mistake, the final piece is always worth it! I absolutely love going into craft stores and picking out my next project. You definitely have to have extreme patience when working on a piece! “


Cross stitching is my favorite winter hobby

During the winter months when it is cold and snowy outside, it is nice to have a hobby that can be done inside. For me, that hobby is cross stitching. When the weather is nice, I don’t get a lot of time for it. However, during the winter, I can get a lot done. I have enjoyed making birth samplers for each of my children, as well as projects to give as gifts to other family members.For me, cross stitching is a calming hobby that is perfect when I am stuck indoors. The best part is when I am able to share the projects I made with my family and friends to make them happy.

An absorbing hobby

“Cross-stitch is my favourite hobby; I love sitting watching CSI and making pretty things. It has a reputation for being a bit old-fashioned but the range of contemporary designs, fabrics and threads you can get these days is amazing.Cross-stitch (also called counted cross-stitch) is a form of embroidery. You stitch little crosses with coloured thread to make up a pattern. The range of designs available is very varied ranging from very traditional designs right up through to very modern stuff and just about everything else in between.I cross-stitch because I find it relaxing and very enjoyable. I like to create things and, to be honest, cross-stitch is quite easy to pick up and suitable for most people. I get a real sense of achievement when I complete something and though each piece can take a long time, (it takes between an hour and two hours to stitch one square inch), it is all worth it when you see the finished product.It can be an expensive hobby but it needn’t be. There are lots of ways to cut costs down and if you are a bit careful there is not a lot of waste either. It is certainly cheaper than a night out every week! A lot of the expensive items you may need are one-off costs so once you have, say a good set of scissors or a fancy daylight lamp, you will not have to buy those things again. It’s worth looking out for bulk discounts too; obviously only on the items you will use lots of like black and white thread and plain white fabric.I hope some of you give it a go because it is a great, rewarding hobby that will help pass time.”


The ultimate test of patience

“There are a few tedious things about cross-stitching, as with most things. Firstly, I find it really difficult to separate threads. The colours of thread come in a bunch of about 5 and I use one thread and fold it over so that it’s a double thread when I’m stitching to make the design ‘thicker’. However, they are a nightmare to separate and they are all twisted round each other and I always end up knotting the whole lot. Secondly, it is really time-consuming. I find it quite relaxing and therapeutic most the time, whilst listening to New Age music, but sometimes it seems to go on and on and on, doing the same colour thread over and over again without really seeing much result. I have started and never bothered to finish some designs because I got so bored and frustrated. You have to have a lot of patience and will power!”

Advantages: great fun, easy to learn, rewarding, relaxing, creative, could provide an income


  • ·         some kits can be expensive,
  • ·         gives strain on the eyes in poor lighting,
  • ·         time consuming,
  • ·         slightly tedious


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